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June 1, 2013
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“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” you giggled as you ran to your dad, who was asleep on the sofa.  You grabbed the back of the couch and started swinging your stubby legs over, only to misplace your foot and land on your dad…on your back. You started wiggling so you could rest on your stomach, kicking your dad in the process.  

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” You giggled and grinned as you tugged your dad’s messy hair.

Arthur slowly opened his eyes, finding his little sweetheart on his stomach, giggling and full of energy.

“Daddy! You’re awake!”

Arthur smiled, “Yes I am, sweetheart.” Your eyes closed in contentment. You loved it when he called you that. He ruffled up your hair, resulting to more giggles from you. “Now, why are you so frivolous all the sudden?”

“Because,” you giggled. You could never stop giggling. “I wanna make scones!”

Arthur’s eyes lit up. “Really?”


Arthur smiled the biggest smile in the world. “Alright then.”

“Yay!” You yelled. You leaped off of your dad and grabbed his wrist, trying to pull him off the couch.

“Come on daddy! To the kitchen!” You stared up at him with big (e/c) eyes full of excitement.

“I’m coming, sweetheart!”  Arthur said as he was pulled off of the couch and lead into the kitchen.


As you danced around the kitchen, Arthur was looking in his recipe box for the scones recipe.

“Aaha! Found it!” Arthur proudly held the recipe in the air. Then, he slowly placed the recipe on the counter.

You stopped dancing and ran towards him. Since the counter was way taller than you, you ran and grabbed a stool. You threw it on the floor and jumped on top of it. Now, you would be able to see the recipe!

1 egg, beaten

3 cups all-purpose flour

5 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 cup butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup white sugar

1 cup milk

“I’m gonna get something upstairs,” Arthur said. “Now, don’t touch anything yet, ok sweetheart?”

You gave him an innocent smile, “Ok!”

Arthur nodded and left. When you were sure he was gone, you immediately ran to get the ingredients. When you returned to the counter, your arms were full of food.

You skimmed the recipe to see if you got everything. You ignored the numbers that came before the ingredients, though. Numbers meant math, and you found math completely useless.

Now, all you needed was a large bowl. You opened each cupboard in the house, only to be disappointed by each result. No bowl. Suddenly, an idea popped into your tiny head. You ran to the living room and grabbed a silver Elmo bucket. Then, you sprinted to the kitchen and scanned the room. Daddy hasn’t returned yet.

You stared at your bucket, serious eyes planted on Elmo’s humongous ones, “Alright Elmo, this is no time to be goofy! It’s time to make the best scones ever!!”

You placed the bucket on the counter proudly.  Looking at the list again, you decided to start from top to bottom.

“Egg,” you grabbed the egg carton and opened it heedlessly. You grabbed about four eggs and threw them into the bowl.

“Beaten,” you put your hands together in a fist and started pounding the eggs as hard as you could. When you couldn’t hear anymore “crunching” sounds, you stopped.

“Flour,” you unclipped the half-filled bag with your egg covered hands. Then, you carefully picked up the bag and emptied it in the bucket.

“Baking soda,” you opened the box and poured some in your hand. You tasted a little bit, only to end up spitting it out. Grimacing, you quickly dumped what remained on your hand in the bucket.

You glanced at the recipe to see what was next. Butter was what you concluded. You grabbed a stick of butter, unwrapping it hastily and then throwing it in the bucket.

“Next is…hmmm…salt and sugar!” You grabbed a two containers, one filled about half way with sugar and the other with salt. As you started opening the salt container, you paused. Wouldn’t salt make the scones all icky? You thought. You nodded in agreement, pushed the container aside, and grabbed the sugar container.

“Scones should be sweet because everything tastes yummy when sweet!” You smiled and dumped the whole container in.

“And last but not least, milk!” You grabbed the carton and poured until everything was somewhat mushy. Then, you reached into a drawer and grabbed the biggest spoon you could find. You stirred and stirred, trying your best to mix everything. As soon as you were done, you turned the oven on to the highest temperature and placed the bucket inside.

“Best scones ever~! Best scones ever~! Best scones ever for daddy~!” You sang in a cheerful tone as you skipped away.


“Bloody hell, where is that camera?” Arthur said as he searched through a drawer, throwing another pair of boxers over his shoulder.

Books, T-Shirts, ties, jeans and now, boxers were scattered around the room. This was the result of searching almost every square inch of his room.

After empting his underwear drawer, Arthur reached to open the last drawer, which seemed to be glued shut. After yanking and pulling the handle, the drawer flew open. The drawer, he discovered, was full of old clothes. Guess he finally figured out where his old clothes were.

It was when he started moving the clothes around that he discovered the camera…inside a thong.

“Bloody hell, where did this come from?” he pulled the camera out of its “encasement”. He started to think about why the hell he had it, until he was interrupted by a fire alarm.

“Oh god, ________!” Arthur yelled as he ran out of the room with a fire extinguisher an unintentionally, the camera. He ran down the stairs, surveying the house for the source, which he found was in the kitchen. He sprinted to the kitchen, quickly pulling the pin and aiming the extinguisher at what he soon found out was the oven. Squeezing the handles, he let out the fire retardant, putting the flames out.

After he finished, his beloved sweetheart skipped into the kitchen with blue mitts, holding a bucket (thank god it was made out of stainless steel) filled with something burnt. Very burnt.

“Look daddy! I made scones!” you held up the bucket to your dad. “I made it for you! Doesn’t it look yummy?”

Arthur, who was first appalled by what he had just seen, started chuckling. He held up his camera and took a picture of you. He ran into the kitchen to take a picture of the oven that he’d have to replace. Grabbing a pair of mitts, he ran out and happily accepted your “scones”. He set it downon the ground and wrapped his arms around you.

“Thank you, ________!” he said.

You returned the hug. “I hope I become a great cook like you one day!”

You both laughed at that.
Another fanfiction~! With Iggy! :iconyayenglandplz:
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^_^ For those looking to destroy their feels, imagine this being a flashback of England after England has raised you and watched you pass away, then, while you're reading this, listen to this:… Feel killer, out! 
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