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July 12, 2013
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Trust in me I really am true

You’ve got to understand

There’s nothing

I wouldn’t do

I will be your friend until the end of time

I will be your friend I’m here to make you smile

You had to leave school early due to a doctor’s appointment. After it was over, your mom dropped you off at home and went back to work. So here you were now, in your room.

Everything was quiet outside your window, but your eyes kept staring at the streets for cars that might drive by. Sometimes you would shift their gaze from the streets to the sidewalk, searching for people that might be walking by.

While your eyes focused on the outside world, your mind focused on only one thing: the time you spent today with Ivan.

You didn’t understand why he was an outcast. Nor did you have any clue as to why he was bullied. All you knew was that he didn’t deserve any of it. He was sweet, benign, yet somehow everyone saw the opposite.

You thought back to when you offered him food. The shock on his face from your action surprised you. Hasn’t anyone been nice to him before? Was it normal for him to receive contempt and derision? And when he capriciously reached out to grab the sandwich…did he expect it to be a joke, that you were going to pull the sandwich away from him when he was about to take it? Did he expect you to laugh at him, tell him how stupid he was to even think that you were being nice to him? How long has he been deprived of kindness and generosity?  

Another thing was that he sat by himself. When you found him, he was sitting there without company. You thought he might have had a couple friends, that not everyone hated him. But based off of what you had seen, you were dead wrong. Even the kids with very few friends refused to hang out with him.

Was that how he spent every lunch, alone?

A low beep broke your thoughts. You glanced down at your watch. Three o’clock. School had just ended.

You continued to stare out your window.

No friends, deprived of generosity, he had nothing but a bombardment of remarks that he always received at school.

You spotted a couple of people walking side by side. Both were girls; one had blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, while the other was a brunette with long, curly hair that seemed to bounce every time she walked.

They were talking and laughing at something that you couldn’t hear well. All you could make out was a name.


Even outside of school people talked about him.

They walked passed your house, disappearing from your view. Next, a group of guys walked by, precisely three. You recognized them, although anyone would. They were called the “Bad Touch Trio.” Every day they flirted, pulled pranks, and got in trouble, almost always racing down hallways to escape being caught by teachers and students.

Soon they also disappeared from your view.

More and more people walked by, and you watched them come and go, always looking forward to seeing a new person come into view.

Now the streets are empty. There was no one in sight. Yet, you continued to stare out the window.

You were about to leave your window until you spotted someone. He had beige blonde hair and a unique pair of violet eyes. He walked by himself, wearing a beige scarf and tan coat.

In an instant, your window was open. “Ivan!” you shouted.

With the sound of his name, he looked up, eyes meeting your smiling face. He smiled back.

You quickly ran out of your room, down the stairs and out the door, stopping right next to Ivan. You bent down, hands on your thighs, breathing heavily.

“Hey…Ivan!” You said in between breaths.

“Hello _______,” he responded, watching you.

After getting enough air into your lungs, you stood up straight.

“Where are you going?” you asked.

“Home,” he replied.

You smiled, “Can I walk with you?”

His eyes filled with shock, but they quickly closed as a smile formed on his face.


With that, you both started walking down the sidewalk.

Everything was quiet as you thought about what to say. Ivan ended up saying something first.

“You weren’t in school after lunch ended,” he paused. “How come?”

“I had a doctor’s appointment.” You replied.

Ivan looked at you with concern. “Oh. Are you not well?”

“I’m fine. It’s just a checkup, since I haven’t been to the doctor in almost a year.” You assured him.

The concern in his eyes disappeared. “Oh, that’s good.” Now he stopped walking. He was staring at the floor, his hair hiding most of his face. “_______?”

You stopped and stared at him, “Yeah?”

“I, um, wanted to say thank you…for being so kind to me and eating lunch with me.” His voice was nervous.

“It was no problem!” You held his hand in yours, “I enjoyed hanging out with you.”

He looked up, “R-really?”

You smiled, “Yep! You’re a really nice person.”

He tilted his head down to hide his face.

“You really think that?” he murmured.

“Of course I do!” your voice was gentle. “You really are kind and nice, not to mention sweet.”

Ivan lifted his head, a smile on his face.

“You’re a really nice person, _______.”

You giggled, “Thank you, but I’m just saying the truth.”

He chuckled in response. You both continued walking.

But the whole time, you were unaware of the silent tears that were falling down Ivan’s face.
The next chapter! Sorry it's been a while.
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Song: I will be your friend by Sage.
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