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July 7, 2013
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“What a pathetic loser!”

You let out a sharp cry as the attacker’s fist came in contact with your face, falling onto the floor from the impact. You immediately clutched your cheek, tears pouring down your face.

“Look at her cry!” They laughed. “She’s so weak!”

You whimpered in response. Getting on your feet, you ran as fast as you could. All you could think about is how much you wanted to get away from them.

You came to a stop when you saw a giant willow tree. It was the place you called your “comfort hideout.” You ran under the tree and collapsed, legs exhausted from the sprint. Hands covered your eyes and you sat there on your knees, sobbing.

Why were they so mean to you? Why did they hurt you the way they did? You hated it. You wanted it to end.

“Why are you crying?” A voice said.

You removed your hands from your eyes; looking up to worried, purple eyes that belonged to a boy that was six or seven, somewhere around your age.

“The girls and boys are mean to me,” you sobbed. “They hurt me.”

Pain filled the boy’s eyes. He knelt down and wrapped his arms around you, patting your back. “Don’t cry,” he said soothingly. “It’s going to be fine.”

“N-no it’s not! They’re going to keep calling me mean names and hurt me!” You wailed.

“No they won’t,” He soothed, rubbing your head. “Because I’m going to protect you from them.”

You sniffled, “R-really?”

“Yes,” the boy assured.

With that, you melted into his arms in contentment. “Thank you.”

The boy, surprised by your returned affection, smiled.


They think you're crazy, they think you're mad

They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it

“He’s a psychopath!”

“He’s mental!”

“What a freak!”

A deluge of remarks filled his mind as he headed out the door.

“It’s just another day, Ivan. You’ll be fine.” He sighed, telling himself the everyday phrase.


“Stop that!” you giggled, closing your locker as your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist and nuzzled your neck.

“Stop what?” He chuckled.

Your friends laughed with him as they swarmed around you.

Your life was beautiful. You had lots of friends, your own prince, and an abundance of love. It was all you had wished for, dreamed about when you were younger, and it came true at the beginning of high school. All you had to do for the past two years was sit back and enjoy your paradise.

The soft gazes of your friends turned into glares as they shifted away from you and your boyfriend to someone else. Their eyes locked on to the same face: Ivan Braginski’s.

That’s when all the whispering would start.





You stared at the boy, expressing your pity silently. The boy turned his head to give you a faint smile.

“Ivan, you worthless shit! Hurry up and get your ass out of the halls!”

Before you could scan the room and find the person who said that, everyone erupted into laughter. All you would be able to find if you bothered to look would be everyone’s laughing faces.

Ivan quickly, but calmly made his way out of the halls, as if those hurtful words didn’t affect him.

They were so cruel, the way they treated him. He didn’t deserve any of it. But in fear of your friends leaving you, all you did every day was give him your look of pity to show him that you weren’t like them.

Today it was going to change.


He never sat in the cafeteria, you knew that. That’s why you didn’t even bother going there to look. And on top of that, your friends were there, so they would easily spot you, and the plan you had would fall apart.

You knew he wasn’t in the cafeteria, but that was all. Where he ate lunch was a mystery.

You stared down at the floor while you walked down the halls, thinking about where he could be. Maybe he was in a classroom. Maybe he was finishing a test. Maybe he ate lunch in the bathroom… 

Before you could realize it, your forehead smacked against a door. Cursing under your breath, you looked up. What you had just collided with was an exit door.

You had forgotten that this door existed, which was probably because you rarely used it. You pushed the door open in irritation.

Your eyes widened. Right in front of you was Ivan, who was staring right at you with eyes just as wide and surprised.

For a while, all you both did was stare at each other in silence.

You decided to break the silence. “Hi Ivan,” you said awkwardly.

He smiled, “Hello _______.”

You were kind of surprised that he knew your name. You guys barely interacted with each other.

You smiled back, closing the door and sitting down next to him.

Another awkward moment.

You noticed that he wasn't eating anything.

“You don’t have lunch?” you asked.

“Oh, um, I used to, but someone kind of stole it,” he let out an awkward laugh.

You frowned as you dug through your backpack.

“He’s fucked up on the inside and outside!”

“I heard he raped the teacher over the weekend.”

“What a freak!”

“We have a new janitor because Ivan stabbed the old one to death!”

Those horrible, malicious names and rumors filled your mind. You were well aware of them, everyone was.

Your eyes finally spotted the aluminum cased sandwich. You pulled it out and handed it to Ivan.

“Here,” you said.

Ivan’s eyes widened in shock. He lifted his hand, slowly reached for the sandwich, but stopped halfway.

You couldn’t watch him contemplate whether or not this was real or a joke anymore. You gently grabbed his hand, turned it over so his palm was visible, and place the sandwich in his hand.

He sat there in his position, eyes wide open as he stared at the food in his hand, not moving at all. Disbelief was prominent in his eyes.

“You can eat it,” you said gently, a warm smile present on your face.

After a few seconds, he gingerly opened it. Right in the middle of the aluminum covering was a turkey sandwich. He looked at you again, waiting for approval. You nodded.

He picked up the sandwich and brought it close to his mouth. He bit into it and chewed, closing his eyes in contentment.

It didn't take long for him to finish it. By the time you opened your bag of grapes, the sandwich had been completely devoured.

He gave you a smile filled of gratitude and friendliness. “Thank you.”

You chuckled as you offered him some grapes, “No problem.”
I haven't seen a Bullied!Russiaxreader fanfic so I decided to make one!
Song used is: If You Knew- Joel Faviere.
Next: [link]
Hope you enjoy :D
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